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Restaurant Collection Service

Do you have a restaurant or corporate kitchen facility that produces waste vegetable oil? Have us be your local collection service provider for your waste oil. We will ensure that 100% of your oil will become straight vegetable oil fuel or biodiesel and used within the Western PA region. Contact or call 412 727 6888

Oil Drop Off

Are you frying at home and don't know what to do with that container of left over oil? Don't dump it! Bring it to 107 Braddock Ave 15104 and leave it behind our fuel station. We will pick it up, filter it, and put it into the number of vehicles that use waste vegetable oil as fuel.

Biofuel Station

Our public station offers high and low biodiesel blends from two different pumps. The self-serve station has 24 hour access and is operated through an access card that tracks the time and quantity of purchase. Perfect for fleet filling!

Contact us through email or call 412.447.8488 for more information, fueling cards, and pricing!

Diesel to vegetable oil conversions

Conversion system components, maintenance, and installation for passenger vehicles, boats, generators, trucks, etc. are available upon request. Contact

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